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Don’t let your leaky faucet annoy you. We replace faucets in all Leander are almost every day. One of the things our customers say is that having a faucet leaking all day is not just annoying but affects the water bill. Don’t let your old and outdated faucet break your bank and your patience. Our company will help you choose the right faucet for your bathroom or kitchen and will install it in no time so you can enjoy a normal life again. Here are the most common problems with deal with:

– Faucet leaks in the bathroom sink or shower

– Faucet leaks in your precious kitchen

If you are experiencing any kids of problems related to faucets give us a call today so we can fix it for you today.

Let us fix your faucet issues

    Fast and professional, our local plumbers in Leander, TX 78641 can handle any issues you may be facing with your bathroom, kitchen, or other faucets. We have experience in almost every kind of faucet imaginable. We know that having a faucet leak is annoying but also will increase your water bill. That’s why when we work on your project we do it with care and we check other possible leaks problem. We use the best tools and the best parts to avoid having the same problem in the near future. As a company, we haven’t had any complaints from our customers when we replaced or fixed their faucets. If you are experiencing a leak that is driving you crazy don’t wait longer, give us a call today and let’s stop paying more in the water bills.

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    Our plumbers in Leander can help you with your leaking faucet

      If you are unable to fix a leak in your faucet give our team a call. We can schedule an appointment for service at a time that is most convenient for you. If you are experiencing an emergency, we can come out the same day. Give us a call to schedule your service today!

       Is your bathroom faucet leaking? Maybe is time to call a plumber near you in Leander.

      Have you noticed a higher than usual water bill after your faucet started leaking? The leak may be the symptom of a larger underlying issue that could lead to a larger financial burden. The Environmental Protection Agency has identified leaking faucets as the most common plumbing issue. Repairing a leaky faucet can save your household nearly 10% on the total water bill.

      1. Kitchen faucet leaks are not fun

      Most kitchen cabinets are made of composite material which does not do well with water or moisture. The big problem with kitchen faucet leaks is that if the water is able to penetrate into the cabinets, the cabinets will warp and lead to very costly repairs. For this reason, it is important to address kitchen faucet leaks as soon as possible. 

      Additionally, sometimes the kitchen subfloor was not waterproofed. If the water is able to penetrate the subfloor, this could lead to a safety hazard as well as costly repairs. In order to repair the subfloor, everything that is resting on it (including tile, cabinets, appliances, etc.) needs to be removed.

      Common faucet issues

      Damaged Cartridge
      If your faucet has two different handles, one for cold and the other for hot water, this is a cartridge faucet. The cartridge is a valve that controls water flow. If the faucet is leaking when the handles are turned off, this can be due to a worn or damaged cartridge.

      Broken Washers
      Washers are located where the valve sits and can get worn down over time due to friction. Worn washers can then cause leaks. If the washer is not the correct size or not installed correctly it may also cause a leak.

      Water Pressure
      Sometimes water pressure is too great and is able to push through the seals in a faucet. If the faucet drips only during certain times or if the handles are move in a certain way it could be because of the water pressure.

      Bad O-Rings
      The o-ring is attached to the stem screw that keeps the faucet handle in place. O-rings can deteriorate over time due to friction or simply grow loose from use. This is most likely the case if a handle is leaking.

      Worn Valve Seat
      A deteriorated valve seat will usually cause a leak from the spout. It connects the spout to the faucet. Usually this happens when the valve seat is corroded enough to cause a leak.

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