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Our Plumbers In Leander would help you with you garbage disposal

    Whether your garbage disposal is brand new or an older model, issues can arise at any phase of its lifetime. Our plumbers are experts and can identify the issue, recommend a solution, and execute it. Your garbage disposal will be back up and running in no time!

    We can schedule an appointment, or if you are experiencing an emergency with your garbage disposal, can come out the same day. Give us a call to schedule your service today!

    What are the most common garbage disposal issues

    Clogs: Usually, garbage disposals have no issues grinding up food waste. Sometimes, the wrong type of food waste is fed into the garbage disposal, or not enough water is used to flush out the ground waste and a clog develops. Our local plumbers in Leander, TX 78641 are experts in garbage disposal problems but sometimes the solution is as easy as removing and cleaning the p trap, also known as a drain trap.

     Avoid chemical cleaners! They rarely work and leave a toxic residue that could corrode the garbage disposal blades and void the factory warranty. They can also splash up if the garbage disposal is turned on and cause injury to the user.

     The best way to avoid clogs is to only grind food waste that is recommended by the user manual and flush it with cold water while it is running and for a few seconds after it is turned off.

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    Why do garbage disposals leak?

      Several points in a garbage disposal can be the culprit for leaks. They can spring from the plumbing connections, drainage hose, and the garbage disposal itself. If the garbage disposal is leaking from the top, the sink flange is the issue. The seal around it may either be old and deteriorated or loosened by other plumbing work done under the sink. If this is the case, remove the current seal and replace/reapply it.

       If the disposal leaks from the side, it may be a bad connection with the drain lines. The smaller hose is where the dishwasher connects and the larger one is for the drain line. If this is the case it may be time to tighten the connections to the garbage disposal or replace them if they have deteriorated.

       If the garbage disposal is leaking from the case or bottom of the unit, the seals inside may be corroded or deteriorated. The best option is to see whether it is still under warranty. If not, it may be worth getting a new disposal.


      Water damage to cabinets, mold, pests, and bad smells all result from leaks. Once a leak is identified, it should be fixed as soon as possible to avoid further water damage to the surrounding areas.


      If the garbage disposal is on and only makes a humming noise without grinding, this is likely the result of a jam. Jams occur when the wrong food waste or foreign objects are introduced to the garbage disposal.

       To try to fix jams, refer to the user manual. Generally, using a wrench and turning the flywheel located at the bottom of the disposal until the jam releases will fix the issue. Reset the disposal, turn it on, and run cold water to ensure the food waste is carried out.

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