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What can you say about a company called Garbage Disposal Plumbers? Well, let’s see. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh paint to get you going in the morning. And it sure beats coffee for keeping you up all night. Ughh! Why do they make form letters out of such nice paper?

I hate getting these things. You send them off and then spend days or weeks trying to get through on the phone to find out if they’re interested enough in what you sent them to even reply to your call, and when/if they ever do, then you end up having that awkward conversation with the person who doesn’t really want anything at all from you except that piece of your soul where your self-esteem used to be.

Let’s see, where shall I begin? First of all you have to get one of your friends who has a friend in marketing for a record label or something so you can get on the list for this thing called “Unsolicited Material”. Next you have to get some real good packaging together, and don’t forget the proper postage! And of course it all comes back with a nice form letter telling you that they can’t use anything like what you sent them because they only use new material (meaning not already recorded but never mind). It’s kind of like when my brother got turned down by every college in America except for his second choice which he actually got into without even applying. My Aunt was surprised at how many people didn’t want him and so was he.

The thing is, and what most people don’t seem to know, is that even if you do get on the list of people who can send Unsolicited Material it doesn’t mean anything because they only use stuff from their own label anyway. It has nothing to do with getting published or recording. That’s just a bonus! And not a very big one at that…

It’s just like when I knew this guy who got all of his friends to call up this radio station and request that stupid song that goes “I’m too sexy for my shirt” by Right Said Fred, whoever they are (?), and we played it over and over and over and over and nobody else ever wanted to hear it ever again. But if you ask me, any song with the words “I’m too sexy” in it can’t be all bad.

You know if I were to send something unsolicited to Garbage Disposal Plumbers and they did use it all up and didn’t even throw it away or tear off pieces for bathroom walls or anything like that, then what would I do? Where could I go from there? What other company could I aspire to work for? Well, if you really want to know, here’s a list of some other companies who get tons of unsolicited material but don’t give a rat’s ass because if they did use things that people sent them then they’d never get anything done:

1. A company that makes baby food, 2. A company that makes adult food, 3. A company that makes bug spray, 4. A company that makes bug zappers, 5. A company that puts out crossword puzzles, 6. A company that sells unicycles, 7. The United States Postal Service (couldn’t resist), 8. Federal Express (ditto), 9. Federal Government of the United States of America (ditto ditto), 10. International companies who owe money to the U S of whatever but won’t pay it back because they’re “technically” not supposed to be doing business in this country or something equally as ridiculous and besides nobody’s gonna find out anyway so where’s the benefit in paying?

You know I should petition the Federal Government to make it illegal for companies who receive unsolicited material not to use any of it. Maybe then they’d have to pay me just like the government does, if I’m lucky! And maybe even if I’m unlucky! Wouldn’t that be worth a shot?

Why Garbage Disposals Smell?

Whenever we see our garbage disposal smell, we think that the problem is with the drain. We immediately reach for bleach and pour it down the drain thinking that might solve the problem. However, there could be other reasons than just a bad odor coming from your disposal such as bad mold or mildew in your kitchen sink area where you usually dispose of food scraps. If you may be up to some cleaning which involves making sure your dishes are properly washed before putting them into the dishwasher and washing them, then you will notice when dirt begins to build up in your drain and in your garbage disposal system. You need to clean it regularly to ensure natural odors do not develop because if this happens, not only will it emit a foul smell but also it can also break down your garbage disposal.


If the problem is due to bad mold or mildew, you need to contact a professional in order to get rid of it. If this is not practical then use a 50/50 solution of water and bleach at your disposal in order to eliminate the smell. Make sure that you rinse thoroughly with clean water after using bleach since bleach will react when mixed with other cleaners such as dishwasher soap. You should also check if there are residual pieces of food stuck in the blades of your garbage disposal system because this could be one reason why it produces smelly odors within its body. Turn on the cold water while turning on the power button at once a time when disposing of food waste so that any dirt or grime that is stuck in there can go down the drain.

Tap water has a lot of minerals that build up over time especially when you use it very often. If this is your case, there are two things you could do – replace your garbage disposal system or buy a tap water filter to reduce the number of contaminants from reaching your dishwasher, thus preventing any smell from being produced by the dishwasher if it combines with other cleaning agents such as soap in a wash cycle.

Garbage disposals have a big benefit in that they help in reducing how much trash we produce and also they ensure our food scraps are put into the correct way of disposal where we needn’t worry about them going into landfills. However, one disadvantage with them is that they produce foul smells whenever you put food waste into the unit. This is the major downside of having a garbage disposal system.

If you are not sure how to properly use one, this article will help – How to Use a Garbage Disposal. Follow its guidelines and suggestions so that it can last for years to come without any problems.

If you need more guidance on how to maintain your garbage disposal then check out other informative articles online which should provide you with all the information you need in order to keep your kitchen smelling fresh and clean at all times.

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