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Garbage disposals are a breakable part of your kitchen’s plumbing. They’re one of the easiest replacements for garbage cans since people may tend to forget about the contents occupying space under their sink. There are reasons why they are easily broken especially when you don’t follow few simple rules which may seem really obvious to most but still, many people do it wrong or little bit careless.

Garbage disposal units can be expensive because not only do they cost you money once but also, waste management costs as well because the more food stays inside your unit, the more juice you consume, and that is added up to your electric bill. The unit may also produce a foul smell if not maintained properly which will make no sense to clean up later on. After all, garbage disposals are no different than other household appliances; you need to know how to treat them in order for them to last long.

There are three basic rules when it comes to managing your kitchen garbage disposal unit. First, always check that the unit is correctly installed since any error may lead to problems along the way. Keep in mind that when installing, you must plug all fixtures with drain lines into proper drains and septic tanks if required by the nature of the business establishment. Second, avoid putting chemicals like bleach tablets or dishwasher tablet which contains chlorine because this may corrode your garbage disposal unit causing unwanted leaks. Lastly, keep cutlery away from contact with moving parts so that blades won’t be broken easily.

Common causes of garbage disposal unit malfunctioning are listed below:

1. Broken wiring or outlet strip

2. Weak motor performance due to jamming or clogging of food debris especially after washing dishes

3. Compaction renders the unit completely useless because it fails to grind down waste anymore

4. Build-up on the sides of the grinding blades resulting in failure to turn on, this is a typical problem experienced by commercial establishments which use their disposal unit daily for hours

5. Reduce efficiency and reduce life span especially if ice cube trays are being used regularly because ice cubes have very low water content and expand when freeze making contact with moving parts resulting in wear and tear damage over time

6. Soul smell emitted from a loose pipe connection or a malfunctioning rubber flapper.

The best garbage disposals in the market

“Don’t just buy the first garbage disposal that you come across. For sure, you can do better than that.”

If there is one appliance in your kitchen that deals with food waste and is built for durability and longevity, it is definitely a garbage disposal unit.

Garbage disposals are widely used by those who want to enhance their quality of life because they provide an easy way to dispose of not just fruit and vegetable peels but also all kinds of food wastes such as meat scraps, bones, tea bags, coffee grounds, and anything else you can imagine.

You need to be careful when choosing a garbage disposal, however; otherwise, you will end up buying a low-quality product that will only eat your headache further down the road. Read on as we share with you the best garbage disposal brands to help you make an informed choice as well as the important factors that you should consider when shopping for a new unit. Remember all garbage disposals need a plumber.

Best Garbage Disposal Brands

Here are some of the most commonly recommended garbage disposals:

1- Waste King L-1001 Legend Series – Best Cheap Garbage Disposal – Winner of The Sweethome’s “Best Value” Award and Amazon’s Choice Status

Many people may question buying garbage disposal because it is quite expensive, but what they don’t realize is that this kitchen appliance can actually save them money in the long run. If your waste doesn’t end up in landfills, you will likely spend less on trash bags and other garbage disposal accessories.

Waste King garbage disposals are known to be both durable and powerful, so you can always expect them to function well even under intense use. They have a high-speed but reasonably quiet motor with 2600 RPM as well as galvanized steel components that do not rust easily. This is one of the best garbage disposals on the market that will not let you down. Check the Latest Price & Availability here!

2- InSinkErator Evolution Excel – Best Garbage Disposal for Heavy Use – Winner of The Sweethome’s “Best Garbage Disposer” Award and Amazon’s Choice Status

If you want high-performance garbage disposal, look no further than the InSinkErator Evolution Excel. This unit is known to be one of the best food waste disposers for heavy use because it has a powerful Dura-Drive induction motor that runs at 1725 RPM and a multi-grind technology that allows food waste to pass through three chambers for finer, more uniform particles. The InSinkErator also features anti-jam swivel impellers to keep your unit from jamming as well as stainless steel jam-busting teeth so you can reduce stoppages as much as possible.

Check Latest Price & Availability here!

3- Waste King Legend Series 1000 – Garbage Disposal Under $100 – Winner of Best Value Award from Good Housekeeping

This garbage disposal product from Waste king is a reliable choice that will not disappoint. It has a heavy-duty Dura-Drive induction motor that is built to last, as well as anti-vibration components to provide you with a smoother operation and less noise. The InSinkErator comes with a removable splashguard for easy cleaning and has jam-buster impellers so you can dispose of large food waste quickly and easily. We also love the fact that this unit comes with a pre-installed power cord – which makes it more convenient to use. Check the Latest Price & Availability here!

4- Moen GX50C GX Series – Best Composting Food Waste Disposal Unit

If you want an eco-friendly garbage disposal model, check out the Moen GX50C GX Series. This unit features a powerful motor with 2600 RPM speed and is backed by an industry-leading seven-year in-home warranty so Moen can repair or replace the unit even if you use it for over four years. The Moen also operates quietly so you can sleep or work without any problems whatsoever.

5- InSinkErator Evolution Compact – Best Garbage Disposal Under $200 – Amazon’s Choice Status The best thing about the InSinkErator Evolution Compact is that this garbage disposal unit works beautifully despite its compact size; we were really impressed that this machine has a durable Dura-Drive induction motor that provides 26 oz of grinding power to quickly grind food waste, as well as an anti-jam swivel impeller so you can reduce stoppages as much as possible.

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